Portfolio piece: collaboration for reviews

The final article I wrote as editor of Student Wire magazine was a review collaboration titled, ‘6 Mother’s Day gifts on a student budget’. You can find the live article here. The article took a day to plan, and contact was established and mainted with the brands one month before publication. This allowed me time to:

  • Send out a journalist inquiry on the platform Response Source and set a deadlines for positive responses from brands who wished to collaborate.
  • Organise distribution and delivery of individual products to arrive within the same week.
  • Write in depth reviews of each of the six products.
  • Illustrate the article, add in necessary links to each brand’s website, and organise the SEO and tagging on Yoast prior to publication.
Figure one: A screenshot of the email reply to my product review inquiry from the brand, jewellerybox

The skills I utilised and adapted for this article were:

  • Communications skillsthese were aided by the lectures given in both the ‘PR Skills’ and ‘Writing for Communications’ modules in my first year of university. Positive, regular and swift e-communications with each of the six brands. Maintaining positive relations with each company, in order to establish trust.
  • Time management – meeting review and publication deadlines in time for Mother’s Day by regularly updating and revising the article.
  • Social media & SEO skills I had prior background knowledge of SEO and engagement from the ‘Evolution of Media’ module in my second year of university. The ability to confidently navigate and manage Student Wire’s Facebook and Twitter pages: utilising each of their individual indexing systems to strengthen the article’s SEO, engaging with followers and using each of the page’s analytics to monitor reach and engagement of each post.
  • Visual branding skillsthese were aided by the personal branding skills learned within the ‘PR Skills’ module in my first year of university. The ability to implement an aesthetically pleasing and engaging visual aesthetic for the article, which reflects Student Wire’s identity and the theme of the article.
  • Written communications skillsthese were aided by the skills learned within the ‘Writing for Communications’ module in my first year of university. Writing truthful, engaging, and refreshing reviews for individual products whilst reiterating the theme of ‘gifts on a student budget’. Harnessing a youthful and down-to-earth tone which is relevant to our reader demographic.

This article incorporated all the skills that I had learned throughout my work experience at Prohibition PR. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of the finished article and the positive responses I received from the brands I collaborated with, as well as the responses from our readers and followers on social media.

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