Portfolio piece: technical skills & SEO

During my time as Student Wire magazine’s editor, one of the most important tasks to monitor was SEO and general engagement analytics. Optimising the ‘Yoast’ SEO platform on the online magazine was vital in furthering our articles’ reach and enabling higher search engine ranking. This was achieved by using:

  • Keyword tags, hashtags and categories prior to each article’s publication.
Figure one: a screenshot of the Yoast SEO analysis, including tags, focus keyword, and traffic light analysis

The transferable skills I took from this experience were:

  • Social media & SEO skills – I had prior background knowledge of SEO and engagement from the ‘Evolution of Media’ module in my second year of university. The ability to confidently navigate and manage Student Wire’s Facebook and Twitter pages: utilising each of their individual indexing systems to strengthen the article’s SEO, engaging with followers and using each of the page’s analytics to monitor reach and engagement of each post.

Utilising the best focus keyword in the article’s title was a key aspect, as it is the search term that the page will rank for most. Yoast’s SEO platform provided structured feedback on how to improve and sustain SEO, via a simple traffic light system. Consequently this meant that the feature was simple to use and did not require any teaching from the Prohibition PR team. Each article was also monitored and given a ‘Readability Score’ by Yoast, which highlighted areas to be improved either grammatically or structurally. Examples of this include identifying which sentences were too long or clumsily worded, in order for the author to make the necessary changes to the article.

Figure two: continued traffic light analysis from Yoast

As a result of this, if the phrase ‘clashing with housemates’ is typed into the Google search engine, this example article which is titled ‘Top 10 tips to stop you clashing with housemates‘ is the first search result, which exemplifies the positive effect that SEO and keywords have had on the ranking of Student Wire’s content. Personally, I believe that SEO skills and social media analytics/engagement tactics are one of the most transferable skills to have in the PR and communications sector, as so many contemporary communications take place via social media.


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