Portfolio piece: client collaborations

Whilst working as Student Wire’s editor, I had various opportunities to optimise client-company relations by collaborating with big-name brands. For this article, the globally-known drinks brand VK reached out to our magazine in hope of collaborating on a sponsored post; this would be paid for by them in return for promotion of their student-orientated campaign, ‘VK Ambassadors‘. The communications between Student Wire and VK included:

  • Frequent email exchanges with VK’s PR representative; sustaining positive company relations.
  • Introducing my manager to their PR representative in order to organise invoices and negotiate publication deadlines.
  • Discussion and editorial decisions surrounding the re-wording of VK’s original press release into a reader-friendly article.

Some skills that were necessary for this situation included:

  • Communications skills – these were aided by the lectures given in both the ‘PR Skills’ and ‘Writing for Communications’ modules in my first year of university. Positive, regular and swift e-communications with each of the VK rep. Maintaining positive relations with the company in order to establish trust.
  • Time management – meeting review and publication deadlines by regularly updating and revising the article from the press release.
  • Written communications skills – these were aided by the skills learned within the ‘Writing for Communications’ module in my first year of university. Writing an engaging article that resonates with our audience whilst reiterating the information and contact details given in the original press release. Harnessing a youthful and down-to-earth tone which is relevant to our reader demographic.

After taking on board the email skills and mannerisms taught to me in my first year of university in modules such as ‘Writing for Communications’ and ‘PR Skills’, I secured the payment and published the article in a week’s turnover. The project was completed in a swift time frame, meaning the VK company were happy with the outcome which contributed to the mutual feeling of trust and respect between us.

As this was one of the first sponsored posts I had successfully published, overall the experience was wholly positive. The promotion was not only beneficial for VK, but also for Student Wire, as it cemented the idea that the magazine holds a reputable company presence which can be trusted by well-established brands to produce quality and timely articles. Throughout the remaining year I spent at Student Wire, I secured a number of other sponsored articles, including posts from aspiring bloggers such as this one by David Johnson, who paid to have his work published live on our website.

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